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AEW Dynamite 28.04.21 Match Stats - ft. Darby Allin vs Ten

In-ring Match Statistics for AEW Dynamite 28.04.21

There were a few huge story developments on the Blood and Guts go-home show, Cody's back and The Pinnacle have the Blood and Guts advantage. In the ring, the most interesting part of the show probably happened within the first 10 minutes of the show. Please find the Adam Page vs Brian Cage stats later on in this article, however fuller analysis with reference to the Cody/Brodie match last year will arrive in a few days time.

Featured Match - Darby Allin vs Ten for the TNT Championship

This match was a furthering of Darby Allin's scratching and clawing to keep his belt. This week he was tearing at Ten's mask and eyes. Evidenced by 5 fouls in comparison to 2. An interesting character, but its oddly received by the other wrestlers. No follow up from Jungle Boy, which wasn't expected by any viewers but after being on the end of dirty tactics, could be expected. This week, Ten was happy to be respectful to Allin after the match despite having his eyes gouged during the match...

Anyhoo... Darby Allin took the majority of the offence here. This is unusual for Allin whose size leads to him playing underdog. In this match however a light was shone on his submission expertise which is not a new characteristic for Allin. Instead his size disadvantage was played up by being on the wrong end of a variety of devastating-looking power Grapples and flattening Strikedowns.

This match saw a surge for Ten in the second 3 minute period, with him hitting 2 Grapples and 4 Strikedowns. However Allin re-engaged Submissions as he did in the first 3 minutes to regain control in the third 3 minute chunk. This almost wasn't enough to overcome the power of Ten and he had to gouge the eyes as we headed towards 12 minutes.

An intelligent pinning reversal was required after frustrating interference.

Young Bucks vs The Sydals

The synchronisation of Nick and Matt's offence here is something to behold, that is not a copy and paste error! As you can see Matt Jackson is really playing up his character work at the moment to hilarious effect. He is also the one on the Bucks end of things breaking the rules to push their heel act on this occasion.

Matt Sydal's share of the offence is noteworthy here as he shone brightest. His 10 Grapples dwarfed his 3 colleagues combined total of 3! We also Mike Sydal presented as the best striker here. To contrast to the Bucks new attitudes, the Sydals did not break the rules at all.

With the Flow of Offence graph we can see the Sydals started strong before being beaten down mid-match. They did in fact get in more offence as the match came to a close but this was to empathise the impact of the low blow from Matt Jackson. You will notice that the Sydals almost doubled the Bucks percentage of the match offence.

Fascinatingly, the first thing that jumps out here is Matt Sydal having the strongest surge of the match as his team fell to an unfair loss. Nick Jackson put in his customary flurry of offence mid match. Mike Sydal started strong and faded. Matt Jackson started slow and finished stronger. Matt Sydal utilised a larger percentage of offence than the Bucks combined.

Orange Cassidy vs Penta

This was great. It was a full two minutes before the first blow was landed, an arm drag from Orange Cassidy. These two meshed together wonderfully in terms of juxtaposing characters and positively contrasting style.

Penta took the lion's share of the offence and really looked as if her was going over at times as was the brilliance of the story being told. As you can see, Penta out-did Orange in all in-ring offensive metrics except Dives. His 10-2 lead with Strikedowns is particularly referential of how this match played out.

22 Taunts!

Kris Statlander vs Penelope Ford

These two are great wrestlers. I really enjoyed their match at Double or Nothing 2020 and this one, although short, was enjoyable too. Statlander's strength was put over big-time here, represented in the 5 Grapples. Ford continues to impress in every spot she's given, her Strike stats stand out here as she utilised many to put over the immovable force facet of her opponent's character.

Nightmare Family vs The Factory

Dustin Rhodes, Billy Gunn and Lee Johnson vs QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow

This match existed to keep these factions at odds in the ring and as a platform for Cody vs QT. For me, Comoroto really shone here.

Adam Page vs Brian Cage

I am going to write a proper article comparing this match to Brodie Lee's TNT victory over Cody over the next few days. This match, understandably reminded people of Brodie's squash of Cody. It is both comparable and very different in it's make-up. More to come...


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