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AEW Dark - Kenny Omega vs Jack Evans

AAA Mega Championship Match.

It's unclear why this match happened. Did Kenny Omega pick his own opponent? Did AAA have somethings to do with it? However it came to pass this ended up being a acceptably entertaining match.

Kenny Omega, dominated this entertaining bout with 62% of the offence, 49 separate manoeuvres. Evans struggled to get into the match and was out fought by Omega losing in all offensive categories with the exception of dives.

Omega's hard hitting offence was on full display in this match up. Hard-hitting grapples, of which he hit 11 which would be a good number in a match double the length of this one. Additionally his striking, punctuated by viscous knees and clubbing chops, achieved a 'Strikedown' rate of 35%.

Omega's domination of Evans was really highlighted by the fact he was dominant in this match for almost 7 of the almost 16 minutes this match lasted for. Meaning Evans was down or being hit by consecutive for 6 minutes and 39 seconds, this being 42% of the entire contest.

With 7 minutes and 16 seconds being neutral or back and forth, Evans only dominated Omega for 1 minute and 53 seconds. Therefore Evans only managed to dominate 12% of the match. This is illustrated in the 'Flow of Offence' graph.

As we can see Evans only had a couple peaks of offence whereas Omega had several significant peaks and a few more notable surges.

In conclusion, it was a bit of a mystery to the view quite how Jack Evans found himself challenging for the top title in AAA. However, it was no mystery who came out of this match on top. The stats make the victory even more significant.


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