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AEW All Out - Results, Stats and Analytics.

Page/Omega vs FTR - AEW Tag Team Championship Match

Statistical Takeaways:

- Page/Omega dominate the striking game with 58% of the match's total strikes. Manyy of these being strikedowns.

- Dax was the only man to utilise submission with just over 2 minutes of accumulated seconds of submission holds in this match.

- Kenny Omega performed more taunts than the other 3 competitors in this match combined.

- Dax more than doubled the combined total of fouls of all 3 of the other competitors in this match.

- FTR dwarfed Page and Omega's tag total.

- Page and Omega countered more than a third of FTR's attempted offence.

- Cash was the match's lowest total offence scorer.

- Omega and Dax achieved the match's highest offence sequences.

- Was Cash's eventual peak in offence the match's defining feature?

Page/Omega vs FTR - Contrasted with their Title Run

Page and Omega's first 5 matches for the title were statistically very different to their last 4 defences. The beginning was a dysfunctional underdog story and came out as such statistically. The match with Best Friends was the first of 4 defences that saw them grow into dominant, hard-hitting champions. This is detailed in the data below.

The chart below displays Page/Omega's performance against FTR alongside their average numbers for their whole reign as well as the averages for the first half and second of their reign .

The length of the FTR match means that offence rates were on the low side as longer matches leads to chunks of slower paced exchanges, in comparison to the usual 12-15m matches. However we can see that Page and Omega struggled to get their performance against FTR near to their better numbers.

What we can take from this is the stronger half of their reign is characterised by more submission and strike usage. Page and Omega made great use of strikes in this match but were unable to convert that into any kind of dominance that could be converted into grounding submission holds.

The only metric that Page and Omega made more use of compared to their normal was in dives. This indicated Page and Omega were throwing caution to the wind in order to turn the tide.

As we can see Page and Omega's split of offence in this match matched their prior title match average. However it didn't come anywhere need the 60% average that characterised the more dominant second half of their reign. In a match against a team like FTR, even 48% of the offence was too much to concede.

For more statistical analysis of All Out listen to the Hit the Books/Pro Wrestling Musings podcast, Wrestling with Statistics on apple podcast or Youtube:

Jon Moxley vs MJF - AEW World Championship

Statistical Takeaways:

- Jon Moxley more than doubles MJF's strike total.

- MJF more than quadruples Moxley's submission time.

- Dives and grapples were equal.

- MJF attempted 15 pins, Moxley with 8.

- Both men were happy to step out with the rules and were almost equally happy to taunt their adversary.

- The match saw 2 intense strike back and forths, both won by Moxley.

- The match was 3-3 in terms of 5 minute periods.

Hikaru Shida vs Thunder Rosa - AEW Women's Championship

Statistical Takeaways:

- Rosa dwarfed Shida's offence total with 71% of the total.

- Rosa's 70-24 strike advantage was a big part of the offence difference.

- As was the 35 second submission advantage.

- The only offensive metric that Shida won was Strikedowns.

- Thunder Rosa lost control of the match in the last 3 or so minutes and it was all it took for Shida to win it.

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