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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

As 2021 edges towards its conclusion, and before we add Battle of the Belts to the ever expanding list of AEW programming, I thought an interesting sub-topic to explore would be to compare Win-Loss Records based on the Event on which they take place as it provides perhaps the most clear contextual delineation. Specifically, I wanted to look at how performers do on the flagship show, Dynamite, compared to their records elsewhere. To facilitate this, I added two criteria to help filter out and limit the scope of comparison to what I intend to be a unique cross-section of competitors:

◦ s/he needs to have won multiple matches in her/his AEW career ◦ the wrestler must have competed in multiple matches on Dynamite This left me with a list of 30 past and present female wrestlers and 102 males with, on a percentage basis, slightly more than double (20% vs 9.8%) women doing so without being official full-time members (ie. being announced as “All Elite”) of the roster. Below are quick looks at the two Top 5 listings, ordered by the latest Career Metrics.

(Note: a 0-0 record in any column indicates that the wrestler was in a Battle Royal in this context.

Ordering by overall Metrics, it’s a remarkably consistent distribution with the men. They have all won the majority of their PPV matches and win 70-80% of their outings on Dynamite. The lone outlier: Omega’s record on Rampage. Also, in what is clearly a conscious decision, current World Champion Adam Page has yet to wrestle on Dark.

For the women, since they usually only get one match on each TV program, their records are predictably more spread out and include, other than Nyla Rose, undefeated records on Elevation on Dark.

However, I’m much more interested in what is happening beyond the top tier, to the sometimes celebrated but not so heavily featured performers. The following feature champions (past, present and likely future) and/or ranked performers so this exercise is meant to be potentially predictive in its nature. It intends to show that there might in fact be many Rhodes roads to the top.

For me, what immediately stands out is many of these male performers have a losing record on Dynamite, notably Jungle Boy, Penta, Fénix and Kazarian. Contrast this with their records on the weekly YouTube shows. Also note that both Jericho and MJF have still yet to set foot in the ring on Dark although they have been on commentary and appeared at ringside respectively.

Being younger and consequently less experienced, these two represent the second wave of women that the company hired and are, to use a sporting term, long-term prospects. Other parallels between them are that their lone victories on the A-show came against the same opponent, the aforementioned Bunny, and that the two have been received NWA World Women’s Championship matches while members of the AEW roster. Granted, these were before the establishment of the TBS Championship but I won’t be shocked if these two are among the first wave of challengers in this title’s infancy. Perhaps one might even claim the championship for herself before the year is through. On the male side of the roster, the contrasting group that Velvet and Hirsch doesn’t readily present itself until our third and final tier, which is quite lengthy. See below:

I am tempted to quip one-liner about every name of the list but for the sake of recency bias I’ll begin by highlighting the two gentlemen who fell short in the other Singles matches from Wednesday night, Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. Just look at those Dynamite records! 2-14 and 1-15! Both the wins for Martin are in Tag Teamaction if it matters and who was Sydal’s Singles win against? Martin, of course.

Let’s go back to the previous episode. Did you know that the Varsity Blonds just won their first match on Wednesday night on December 8th? If you didn’t, you’d be forgiven; it was in the 4-on-4 matchup with Jurassic Express and the Blonds didn’t factor directly in the decision. Either way, Pillman Jr. is now 1-12 with Garrison at 1-11 on the main show so, all I can say to Griff is “Good Luck and Good Night” against Malakai Black. And who did they beat by the way? [Caster: 2-8, Anthony Bowens: 1-8, Jeff Parker: 0-4 and Matt Lee: 0-4] Looking ahead, I’m genuinely worried that the likes of Lee Moriarty (0-2), Daniel Garcia (0-2), Wheeler Yuta (0-5) and Ryan Nemeth (0-4) are being defined down too before they truly get out of the starting blocks. It also doesn’t help when outside veterans (and close friends of certain EVPs) like Doc Gallows (10-1) and Karl Anderson (9-2) spent a good amount of the summer racking up victories that, after months of hindsight, bear little to no meaningful consequence.

Why does it matter? Because, and say it with me, “Wins and Losses matter”.

They just seem to matter on Dynamite a whole lot more. Perhaps way too much, in fact.

Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to respond here or on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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