A Closer Look: An AEW Metric-spective for Mr. Brodie Lee

Today marks the unfortunate one-year anniversary of the passing on Jon Huber, known to the AEW faithful as Mr. Brodie Lee and also known as Luke Harper, Big Rig and Huber Boy 2.

There’s a reason Brodie’s name and image remains and will likely forever be seen on the official AEW Roster Page and it’s not because of his wrestling ability; inferring as I must from the comments of those who knew him, it’s because of the man he was outside the ring. With that, let’s go to the Metrics (combined Battle Royal Points + Quality Points + Ranking Points + Elite Points) and give a big overview of his Career statistics:

Quick Takeaways:

- Lee ended his only AEW Season ranked 20th for the calendar year (just behind Dustin Rhodes and ahead of Scorpio Sky); - his Career Metrics and MPM (Metrics Per Match) have increased in 2021 due to Quality Points, meaning the wrestlers he defeated have improved their records since losing to him - in 14 total matches, Lee won in each of AEW’s four Divisional categories

- he was undefeated in both Main Events and Openers

- Brodie only competed on AEW Pay Per View and on Dynamite despite working with AEW as they entered the pandemic era and Dark episodes routinely saw 10-15 matches per week - as evidenced by the tweet below, Brodie was aware of his record and simply competing on Pay Per View simply was not good enough

Brodie Lee was primarily a Singles competitor with his success culminating in the shockingly quick victory over Cody to become the second TNT Champion. Two title defenses followed before dropping the title back to the grandson of a plumber in the memorable Dog Collar Match in what would prove to be his final bout.

As the leader of the Dark Order, Brodie found his way into the other divisions as well. His lone Tag match saw him team up with

Colt Cabana and very clearly let the latter get the pin for the win after inflicting the necessary damage. A memorable 6-on-6 Multi match on Dynamite also saw him get the pin on current World Champion Adam Page. Mr. Brodie Lee’s legacy is quite literally in the pipeline. Next to his image on the official roster page is the picture of his son, billed as Mr. Brodie Lee Jr., more frequently referred on screen as Negative One. Even for those who may question the use of him, there’s more than one reason to look at this and at least something approaching a smile. That reason is Mr. Brodie Lee himself.

#BrodieLeeForever Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to respond here or on Twitter @AEWmetrics.

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